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”Sf. Ana” VI Romanian Orthodox  Parish in Tîrgu Mureș was founded in 1988 as decided by Orthodox Archbishopric of Alba Iulia. As of 1st March 1989, Maier Emil is named priest in this parish by Bishop Emilian of Alba – Iulia. The parish does not own a church of its own, but the religious services are held in “The Annunciation” Cathedral in Tîrgu-Mureș.
In January 1995, at Priest Emil Maier’s proposal, the Council and Parish Gathering decided unanimously the necessity of building a new church for the Christians of the parish. A building site was assigned by the Tîrgu Mures Town hall.
On 25th March 1995, “The Annunciation” day, the Archbishop Andrei of Alba-Iulia laid the foundation of the new church, having as patrons of church two celebrations: “Saint Ana” and “The Holy Cross Day”.
The building works started in the spring of 1996, following a project written by Mr. Ban Onoriu. The architecture of the church is Byzantine, in the shape of a greek cross, with an open church porch, trapezoidal apses, a central dome and two symmetrical towers above the entrance, which serve as steeple and access point for a prolonged garret reaching above the iconostasis, forming two galleries on the north and south side.
In 1996-1997 the church was raised and covered, so that in late 1997 the Christmas Celebration was held in the newly built church.
In 1998-1999 other important elements were added, bringing added beauty and harmony to the church interior. Among others: the iconostasis sculpted in oak wood by renowned artisan and artist Cârcei Ioan from Grumăzești, Neamț county; the Venetian mosaic floor. The church was fenced in a mosaic concrete fence with beautifully crafted iron panels.
After all these accomplishments, Andrei the Archpriest of Alba Iulia was invited to consecrate the church, blessing the efforts of all those who, from love of God and humanity, put their life and soul forward, so that the worshippers in this part of the city could hear a church bell calling them to service. On this occasion, Priest Emil Maier was decorated as archpriest. Also, another 70 parishioners received, at Priest Emil Maier’s proposal, distinctions, and Mr. Oleg Jelesniac was conferred the “Patriarchal Cross” for parishioners, for his extraordinary contribution to building this Holy Church, which was, in fact, the first church consecrated in more than half a century in Tîrgu Mureș.
The works for building a parish house in the churchyard were launched in 2001, and partially finished in 2002. The project was written by architect Mrs. Angela Kovacs.
The next stage was represented by beginning the painting of the church interior, a mural painting in fresco technique. After a few years of search, the Church Council and Priest decided employing painter Maxim Viorel from Tîrgu Mureș. The works began in 2004 with painting the altar of the church. The painting is executed in Byzantine style iconography, with warm colors, on different nuances of blue in the background.
In 2005 the works in the church house were continued with interior and exterior improvements. The pavement and lawn of the churchyard was also executed in the same period of time.
In February 2006 the Church House was completed, and on 26th February 2006 Andrei, Archbishop of Alba Iulia blessed it. The interior of the house is spacious and also contains a Parish Office and a large hall for youth mission and cultural gatherings.
The love of God permanently brought Priest Maier Emil closer to people with generous souls, which made it possible for this magnificent ecclesial edifice to be built. Their memory will always be alive, here and in the Heavenly Kingdom.   

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